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 (skrā′pē, skrăp′ē)
A fatal neurodegenerative disease of sheep and goats caused by a prion and marked by chronic itching and loss of muscular coordination.

[From scrape (from the scraping of itching parts of the skin against objects).]


(Veterinary Science) a disease of sheep and goats: one of a group of diseases (including BSE in cattle) that are caused by a protein prion, and result in spongiform encephalopathy
[C20: from scrape + -ie]


(ˈskreɪ pi, ˈskræp i)

an infectious, usu. fatal brain disease of sheep, characterized by twitching of the neck and head, grinding of the teeth, and attempts to scrape itching portions of skin.
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Noun1.scrapie - a fatal disease of sheep characterized by chronic itching and loss of muscular control and progressive degeneration of the central nervous system
animal disease - a disease that typically does not affect human beings


[ˈskreɪpɪ] Nscrapie m
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No credible evidence exists of a link between scrapie and any human prion disease, despite the endemicity of scrapie in many parts of the world and the consequent likely human exposure to the scrapie agent, which has been attributed partly to a species barrier between sheep and humans.
9) The banister 263K strain scrapie agent is considered a good model for the TSE pathogen for the following reasons: prions are well-conserved molecules with 89% amino acid sequence homology between banister and other species, including humans, (13) and prions from various species share its antigenicity.
The scrapie agent is extremely resistant to heat and to normal sterilization processes.
A sheep might be genetically predisposed to scrapie, but the scrapie agent has to come in from the outside," notes O'Rourke.
The scientists wrote in the journal Nature: "This unexpected and prolonged survival of a foreign scrapie agent raises the possibility that BSE infectivity might persist in various `resistant' species exposed to BSE-contaminated feeds.
Prusiner noted that, "Because the dominant characteristics of the scrapie agent resemble those of a protein, an acronym is introduced to emphasize this feature .
The scrapie agent is thought to be spread most commonly from ewe to offspring and to other lambs in contemporary lambing groups through contact with the placenta and placental fluids.
The most widely accepted explanation for the cause of BSE is that feed for cows made from the rendered down remains of sheep allowed the Scrapie agent to jump the species barrier and re-emerge as a new cattle disease.
However, application of WB to sheep experimentally co-infected with BSE and scrapie detected only the scrapie agent (37).