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scrap·py 1

adj. scrap·pi·er, scrap·pi·est
Composed of scraps; fragmentary: scrappy evidence.

scrap′pi·ly adv.
scrap′pi·ness n.

scrap·py 2

adj. scrap·pi·er, scrap·pi·est
1. Quarrelsome; contentious. See Synonyms at argumentative.
2. Full of fighting spirit.

scrap′pi·ly adv.
scrap′pi·ness n.
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Noun1.scrappiness - the trait of being scrappy and pugnacious
combativeness, militance, militancy - a militant aggressiveness


The quality or state of being argumentative:
e-î sem er samhengislaust
parça parça olmayarım yamalaklık


n (of knowledge)Lückenhaftigkeit f; she apologized for the scrappiness of the mealsie entschuldigte sich für das zusammengestoppelte Essen


(skrӕp) noun
1. a small piece or fragment. a scrap of paper.
2. (usually in plural) a piece of food left over after a meal. They gave the scraps to the dog.
3. waste articles that are only valuable for the material they contain. The old car was sold as scrap; (also adjective) scrap metal.
4. a picture etc for sticking into a scrapbook.
verbpast tense, past participle scrapped
to discard. They scapped the old television set; She decided to scrap the whole plan.
ˈscrappy adjective
made up of bits and pieces. a scrappy meal.
ˈscrappily adverb
ˈscrappiness noun
ˈscrapbook noun
a book with blank pages on which to stick pictures etc. The actor kept a scrapbook of newspaper cuttings about his career.
scrap heap
a heap of waste material, unwanted objects etc.
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Even the scrappiness is likeable, like the way a narrator appears exactly once -- Anthony introducing the first childhood flashback with "Let me take you back, show you how it all began…" -- then never again.
Scrappiness, fortitude, an enterprising spirit--I've always prized these qualities in the Sunset team that surrounds me, but never more than at this moment as we celebrate our new ownership by Michael Reinstein and Regent, a California-based private equity firm.
The intensity and scrappiness of the game didn't surprise Peterson.
She likes the scrappiness, but also appreciates the order of the design.
Scrappiness crept back into the game and as in the first half, it was a scenario that allowed Doncaster to make the best by way of territory gains but not take anything of them by the way of points.
Scrappiness crept back into the game and Doncaster made territory gains but failed to take advantage.
In Benghazi's Laythi a poor and densely packed area with a reputation for militancy and scrappiness, one passes ruins of burned-out houses and stores and skeletons of cars.
Young, even though a flanker, and Evans, will have wanted to catch the eye more in open play, but were stifled by the scrappiness of contest.
It feels great to see Utah succeed in spite of the doubters and cynics and to do so on its own terms with scrappiness and a collaborative spirit.
Aqua dot block frames and binding plus cheery floral setting triangles provide structure and organization, keeping the exuberant scrappiness of the blocks from getting lost in the design.
Practical exercise, mantras, compelling anecdotes, and stories of scrappiness all help instill an audacious kind of confidence in kids.
The scrappiness of the encounter continued at the start of the second period, with loose Giants play paving the way for Matty Ashurst to charge over within seven minutes of the restart.