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1. A high-pitched, strident cry.
2. A sound suggestive of this cry: the screech of train brakes.
v. screeched, screech·ing, screech·es
To utter in a screech or high-pitched voice.
1. To cry out in a high-pitched, strident voice.
2. To make a sound suggestive of a screech: Tires screeched on the wet pavement.

[Alteration of obsolete scrich, from Middle English scrichen, to screech, perhaps of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Norse skrækja.]

screech′er n.
screech′i·ness n.
screech′y adj.


adj, -ier or -iest
loud and shrill
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Adj.1.screechy - having or making a high-pitched sound such as that made by a mouse or a rusty hinge
high-pitched, high - used of sounds and voices; high in pitch or frequency
References in classic literature ?
I begged, and told him I was only Huck; but he laughed SUCH a screechy laugh, and roared and cussed, and kept on chasing me up.
Van Horn sent Tambi below to bring up the small phonograph and run off the dozen or so scratchy, screechy records that had already been under the needle a thousand times.
His face remains wooden as he rattles off statistics about his own success rate, but the same couldn't be said about Fadnis, who's gratingly screechy and hysterical in most scenes.
The show ends on a spectacular high, with Flavia and one of her partners alone on the stage but for a fiddler playing a mournful, screechy staccato tune.
As the wicked witch of children's ITV, the comic actress terrified kids with her green face, blacke- out tooth and screechy voice.
His Scorpius is bound to be a new fan favorite, a lovable geek with wits as quick as his voice is screechy.
Set in Wheelie World, Chorlton and his friends had to put up with the antics of evil green witch Fenella, who had a screechy Welsh accent.
Their blistering catfights, unapologetic lewdness and occasional screechy speeches remind you of the out-of-school girls who sing karaoke in the middle of your street, or the harshly face-painted ladies who prowl for customers outside nightclub doors.
They're noisy, aggressive and make a horrible screechy sound," said one of the bats.
Inspiring women with that something special I WANDERED onto the flight-deck of the aircraft carrier HMS Eagle, when she were visiting Naples in the spring of 1956, to hear a slightly screechy female voice being accompanied by our Royal Marine band; I still remember how I became spellbound as I joined the group watching her, as what to me as a 21 year old, this somewhat elderly woman's charisma and charm was absolutely magical, she was in fact the wonderful Gracie Fields; another Lancashire lass with that special unexplainable 'something' gift similar to that of the inspiring Cilla Black
And Bobcat Goldthwait, perhaps still best known for his screechy Zed in the 1980s-era "Police Academy'' series, will be prowling Park City in January.