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Verb1.screen off - partition by means of a divider, such as a screen; "screen off this part of the room"
partition, zone - separate or apportion into sections; "partition a room off"

w>screen off

vt sep(durch einen Schirm/Vorhang/eine Wand etc) abtrennen
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The Destination Village opens on December 12 with the Arabian debut of BBC Worldwide's highly acclaimed Blue Planet in Concert, which will be performed on a floating screen off Abu Dhabi Corniche breakwater.
It would add to your battery's life if you turn the screen off immediately after you're done using it.
Network Rail promised to screen off the 20ft ramp with mature trees after I highlighted her case in January.
Communications screen off websites which instigate terrorism.
Donald Trump built similar mountains of sand to screen off homes around his Menie golf estate in Aberdeenshire.
They should screen off the area until the legal position is sorted.
They have been used before but on a smaller scale to screen off horror smashes.
A hinge prevents a user from taking the screen off to function independently as a tablet, but that design gives Lenovo more design flexibility and lets it make the device more of a fully functional laptop, he said.
The lights might have been dimmed more to set the screen off better; a typical Symphony Hall problem where, years ago, even Billy Connolly struggled with the lights on.
DRIVE4COPD Celebrity Ambassadors Call on Nation to Get Screened and Wear ORANGE -- the Official Color of COPD Awareness -- in Recognition of Second Annual Great American Screen Off