screen off

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Verb1.screen off - partition by means of a divider, such as a screen; "screen off this part of the room"
partition, zone - separate or apportion into sections; "partition a room off"

w>screen off

vt sep(durch einen Schirm/Vorhang/eine Wand etc) abtrennen
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Its enhanced S Pen1 allows users to capture Screen off memos, create Live Message2 and multitask on the go.
Screen off memo allows users to take up to 100 pages of notes as soon as they remove the S Pen, pin notes to the Always On Display and make edits directly from the Always On Display.
The stylus supports screen off memo and options to trace and crop selection.
But I still feel there are a significant number of visits that can be managed with the screen off.
The image shows two devices: one is the working LG G5 with the screen on, an acknowledgement that the device is working, and the other one seems to either be an LG G6 device with its screen off or a dummy.
The S Pen stylus lets you take notes without unlocking the screen using Screen Off Memo, and the new Air Command functions, Magnify and Translate, zoom and translate (respectively) when you hover with the stylus.
They also screen off harmful foreign particles and debris from the lymph before it's returned to the bloodstream.
The Screen off memo, it's a simple thing, it allows writing on the Note 5 while the screen is asleep using the S Pen.