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The script for a movie, including descriptions of scenes and some camera directions.


(Film) the script for a film, including instructions for sets and camera work



1. the outline or full script of a motion picture; scenario.
2. Older Use. a motion picture.
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Noun1.screenplay - a script for a film including dialogue and descriptions of characters and sets
playscript, script, book - a written version of a play or other dramatic composition; used in preparing for a performance
نَص الفِلْم، مَخْطوطَة الفِلْم
film metnisenaryo


[ˈskriːnpleɪ] Nguión m


[ˈskriːnpleɪ] nscénario mscreen print nsérigraphie fscreen-printed [ˈskriːnprɪntɪd] adj [design, T-shirt] → sérigraphié(e)screen printing nsérigraphie fscreen rights npldroits mpl d'adaptation cinématographique


[ˈskriːnˌpleɪ] nsceneggiatura


(skriːn) noun
1. a flat, movable, often folding, covered framework for preventing a person etc from being seen, for decoration, or for protection from heat, cold etc. Screens were put round the patient's bed; a tapestry fire-screen.
2. anything that so protects etc a person etc. He hid behind the screen of bushes; a smokescreen.
3. the surface on which films or television pictures appear. cinema/television/radar screen.
1. to hide, protect or shelter. The tall grass screened him from view.
2. to make or show a cinema film.
3. to test for loyalty, reliability etc.
4. to test for a disease. Women should be regularly screened for cancer.
ˈscreenplay noun
the script of a film.
the screen cinema or television films: You can see him on the screen quite often; adjective (etc)
screen actors.
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IANS Reese Witherspoon has been sued by a writer who claims Gone Girl is a rip-off of a screenplay penned by her.
Getting started as a screenplay writer at a young age is the key to mastering this specific literary skill.
Outrageous and unpredictable in equal measure, Birke's screenplay never plays it safe and voters could respond to the French-language film's audacious narrative choices and bold characterizations.
com/film/2014/dec/14/james-bond-spectre-film-script-leaked-sony ) quoted the official statement confirming that the screenplay was the "confidential information of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios and Danjaq LLC.
Whereas some academics working in screenwriting studies tend to avoid positive analysis of the work of Field and his counterpart screenwriting 'gurus' (Robert McKee, Christopher Vogler, Linda Seger and others), for a practitioner-academic like myself who is more concerned with screenwriting practice than screenwriting theory, this type of discourse provides a real and therefore important account of how the act of writing a screenplay has changed over time.
For the class assignments I worked on scenes for the Rowlandson screenplay.
PLAYWRIGHT Lee Hall, who wrote The Pitmen Painters and the screenplay for the film Billy Elliot, has been given an honorary degree by Northumbria University.
Eight of those screenplays, 2 features and 6 shorts have reached as far as the finals in National and International Screenplay competitions.
The Writers Guild of America awards were announced in Los Angeles this weekend and journalist Mark Boal was awarded best original screenplay for The Hurt Locker, which is about bomb disposal experts stationed in Iraq.
Akers, a noted screenwriter and lifetime member of the Writers Guild of America, offers this guide to writing a screenplay that will read well and attract the attention of producers, agents and filmmakers.
The Writers Guild of America Wednesday announced its nominations to the 2009 WGA screenplay awards -- an indicator for the Oscars -- that include latest Batman franchise "The Dark Knight," "Doubt" and "Milk.
The new ScreenPlay Pro HD Multimedia Drive creates a convenient link between the home network and the home theater, giving users a convenient way to show off their family photos, play music, and enjoy their videos from the best seat in the house.