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One who writes screenplays.

screen′writ′ing n.


(Film) a person who writes screenplays


(ˈskrinˌraɪ tər)

a person who writes screenplays as an occupation.
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Noun1.screenwriter - someone who writes screenplaysscreenwriter - someone who writes screenplays  
scriptwriter - someone who writes scripts for plays or movies or broadcast dramas


[ˈskriːnraɪtər] nscénariste mf
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Chapters come from the son of Max Brothers screenwriter Morrie Ryskind, who grew up in Hollywood and knew many involved in this event: his background combines with historical analysis to consider how Hollywood screenwriters of the times served Communist ideals contrary to national interests.
It's an approach for any screenwriter who chaffs at the task of rewriting and fails to see it as a potential opportunity for positive change on all sides, and it offers a host of fresh new approaches to the process that hopefully will delight everyone, from writers and directors to actors.
No drama as Sally talks of writer's life SCREENWRITER Sally Wainwright gave a talk at a Fundraising ladies' lunch for Overgate Hospice, Elland.
The 83-year-old novelist, screenwriter and playwright said he was ''astonished'' and ''filled with joy'' when he learned he was being recognized for his five-decade film career.
The late Dan O'Bannon (1946-2009) was perhaps best known as the screenwriter for the seminal science-fiction movie Alien, but he also worked as a screenwriter on Total Recall, Return of the Living Dead, and the criminally neglected (in this reviewer's opinion) Dark Star, among other successful works.
With October 15, 2012 marking the sixth year anniversary of Screenwriter Services, owner and an experienced veteran in the entertainment industry, Stefan Gray, explains the trends of script packaging and production in the past two decades.
The screenwriter, who had minor roles in The Bill and Casualty took to Twitter to say how excited she was.
Tales from the Script is a fascinating film, not only for what it says about the role of the screenwriter in Hollywood, but also in the way screenwriters like to represent themselves on screen.
4, Xuan and Baoru found their names listed as "writers for earlier stage" in the credits, while Kaige was credited as the sole screenwriter.
The screenwriter will spend considerable time negotiating and modifying their work to achieve a working shooting script, and at the request of a script developer, editor, producer or director, they may be asked to rewrite their work several times.
Screenwriter Nancy Oliver became emotional when explaining the difficulty in selling a script "about loss and grief and aggravation that's a comedy.
As an aspiring black screenwriter with unsolicited scripts, I know it's difficult to get past the roadblocks that keep us out.