screw auger

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Noun1.screw auger - hand tool for boring holesscrew auger - hand tool for boring holes    
drill - a tool with a sharp point and cutting edges for making holes in hard materials (usually rotating rapidly or by repeated blows)
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We were looking at a large mash filter and we saw that underneath it they had an auger system, a kind of screw auger, and I thought, 'Wow, that is really an efficient way to move the spent grain,' " Rogers said.
Patent 8,622,726 (January 7, 2014), "Injection Molding Apparatus Having a Rotationally Controlled Screw Auger," Richard Ernest Fitzpatrick (Koalesce, Inc.
A screw auger advances pellets to a heated zone of the barrel, and then melt is transferred to the injection zone in front of the inline plunger.