screw off

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w>screw off

vt sepabschrauben (prep obj von)
viabgeschraubt werden (prep obj von)
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The round cocking knob and mainspring retaining bolt will screw off by turning counterclockwise, easily done with a good pair of pliers padded with scrap inner tube.
Have him tell you to screw off, showing further how little power you have.
One piece body, independent screw off fuse top, with rubber "wings" so it won't snap when thrown into-an enemy entrenchment
Dunne did little for the Connacht cause when he let a drop-goal at tempt screw off the outside of his right boot and the visitors got within sight of the try line minutes later.
Deborah Chapman, 34, hit her little son with the table leg because he lost a screw off the back of a computer game, Teesside Crown Court heard.
It's not spitting in people's faces and telling them to screw off.
When you need to clean the unit, back the screw off and remove the end cap.