screw on


w>screw on

vt sepanschrauben; to screw something on(to) somethingetw an etw (acc)schrauben; lid, topetw auf etw (acc)schrauben; it was screwed on tightlyes war festgeschraubt; (lid, top) → es war fest zugeschraubt; to have one’s head screwed on (the right way) (inf)ein vernünftiger Mensch sein
viaufgeschraubt werden; (= with screws)angeschraubt werden
References in classic literature ?
Says I, if it could stay where it is, all right; because when we get down the river a hundred mile or two I could write back to Mary Jane, and she could dig him up again and get it; but that ain't the thing that's going to happen; the thing that's going to happen is, the money 'll be found when they come to screw on the lid.
He set there and took his own time to unscrew his heelplates and cut out his plugs and stick in the di'monds and screw on his plates again .