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Noun1.screwtop - the top of a container that must be screwed off and on
cover, top - covering for a hole (especially a hole in the top of a container); "he removed the top of the carton"; "he couldn't get the top off of the bottle"; "put the cover back on the kettle"
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Things kick off in 2004, when smooth-talking Londoner Dave Kavanagh takes young Perth outfit the Screwtop Detonators --comprising Ben Ward, Lee French, Mitch Long and Charlie Austen--under his wing, convinced they will be the next big thing in rock.
Well, unscrew my screwtop and pour me some bubbles.
Gavin said: "You are not allowed to touch the boat at any time so they put food in a screwtop bottle, tied it with string and threw it over.
We shared many cheap sunshine holidays, hilarious boy-related disasters and cheap bottles of screwtop "Concorde" wine in her bedroom.
The lunch event featured representatives from Amcor, Stelvin, Ardagh and Nomacorc speaking on new packaging innovations: screwtop closures, 3D printed bottles and Select Bio cork.
The limited edition Gingerbread flavor introduced in autumn 2012 was followed in April 2013 with a decaffeinated variant in a 330 ml screwtop carton.
Simply place the first five ingredients in a screwtop jar and shake vigorously to combine.
We told our steward my husband was driving and he was supplied with soft drinks but, helpfully, he told me it was a screwtop bottle and I could take the remainder home with me, if I wished.
These days we're not far from everything being available by osmosis before you're conscious (Dr Hfuhruhurr's cranial screwtop procedure in The Man With Two Brains was way ahead of its time).