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A sharply pointed tool used for marking lines, as on wood, metal, or ceramic. Also called scribe.


(Tools) a pointed steel tool used to score materials as a guide to cutting, etc. Also called: scribe


(ˈskraɪ bər)

a tool for scribing wood or the like.
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Noun1.scriber - a sharp-pointed awl for marking wood or metal to be cutscriber - a sharp-pointed awl for marking wood or metal to be cut
awl - a pointed tool for marking surfaces or for punching small holes
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Bradawl Scriber (Knurled centre position ) incer 150 mm C- Clamp 200 mm, 150 mm and 100 mm Spanner Adjustable 150 mm,300mm
K: We've got a few shows lined up - next supporting Scriber at Gwdihw, July 31, and we've got the gift of recording time with Charlie Francis after we won The Big Gig competition at The Globe in Cardiff recently, so we've got a lot of writing to do.
During the excavation, researchers also discovered the tomb of a scriber who was buried with his working tools.
Increased feeding efficiency can increase resources allocated towards reproduction thereby increasing population growth (Slansky & Scriber 1985).
As a scriber, you will read fun and wacky stories created by the collaboration of creative minds from around the world.
Every Particle, the new four-track EP from Scriber (aka Joshua Price) released on Cardiff's Rocking Chair Records, showcases an artiste still very much at a formative stage of his evolution.
My scriber, Lesley El Alami, played a big role in my time at university as did my signers, especially Leanne Routledge who was with me throughout my final year.
Penned by Hamed's father, revered scriber Waheed, "Yacoubain" was one of the biggest films of the decade, grossing more than LE 25 million and topping the local box-office that year.
Doug was in Los Angeles giving a presentation in conjunction with an award he'd received when, at the conclusion of his talk, a woman in the audience went across the convention center to find one Kent Scriber, a professor of Exercise and Sport Sciences at Ithaca College in upstate New York.
In a conventional mapping environment, professional cartographic responsibilities such as seeking sources, compiling information, and planning map design were normal tasks before pen or scriber were put to paper or film.
When I was a kid I designed a magazine called The Wild Club--my little sister was the sole sub scriber.
Botanists have already accepted the idea of this kind of hybrid species, such as some native sunflowers, says insect evolutionary ecologist Mark Scriber of Michigan State University in East Lansing.