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n. pl. scro·ta (-tə) or scro·tums
The external sac of skin enclosing the testes in most mammals.

[Latin scrōtum.]

scro′tal (skrōt′l) adj.
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Adj.1.scrotal - relating to or having or lying within a scrotum; "scrotal mammals"; "scrotal testes"


a. escrotal, rel. al escroto.


adj escrotal
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8%), followed by idiopathic 13 (20%) and others (trauma, scrotal abscess, uretral stricture and prostate biopsy) in 6 (10%) in consistency with literature.
If a scrotal abscess is present, this usually indicates that the appendix in the hernial sac is perforated.
In addition to severe or untreated epididymo-orchitis, a scrotal abscess can also result from trauma or infarction.
We report a rare case of scrotal abscess leading to late-onset infection 15 years after an uncomplicated penile prosthesis implantation.
In the differential diagnosis of acute scrotum, testicular torsion, appendix testicular torsion, repairable or strangulated inguinal hernia, trauma caused by breech presentation, hematocele, scrotal abscess, malignancy, ectopic spleen and ectopic adrenal gland should be kept in mind, though rarely observed in the neonatal period.
Giant urethral diverticulum calculus presenting as scrotal abscess.
The probabilistic, prognostic, and pragmatic approaches all pointed to scrotal abscess as the leading hypothesis for Mr.