scrub brush

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scrub′ brush`

a brush with stiff, short bristles.
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Noun1.scrub brush - a brush with short stiff bristles for heavy cleaningscrub brush - a brush with short stiff bristles for heavy cleaning
brush - an implement that has hairs or bristles firmly set into a handle
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0,surgical scrub brush,object carrier foil 50 box grinding ui etc.
had been dead for days by the time he led investigators to the spot where they had been dumped among dead trees and scrub brush.
com to serve as an official licensing and marketing contact for his Foot Scrub Brush invention over the next 2 years.
In Southern California, those spots are often in flammable scrub brush.
With only a scrub brush and a few squirts of surface cleaner, he was able to easily wipe away the graffiti in a matter of seconds.
40 m, Brush it h, Clown Scrub Brush, Homebase, was PS3.
Rubbermaid Bathroom Scrubbers provide four tools including the Spray Scrubber, Extendable Scrubber, Flexible Scrub Brush and 2-in-1 Scrubber.
Clean rope With general purpose scrub brush and cleaning compound
A designated clean-up bucket with a towel (or paper towels), a scrub brush, spray cleaning solution and a large (not small) sponge will keep you from having to live with the disaster until you can find a convenience store.
You might have to apply several coats and scrub it with a stiff scrub brush to remove all paint.
He had cut about one acre of trees consisting mainly of scrub brush and black walnut, in the process of removing an old kiln yard.
Products include Grip, pictured, a scrub brush that uses a natural, replaceable loofah to clean.