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Greatly pleasing to the taste; delectable. See Synonyms at delicious.

[Perhaps alteration of sumptuous.]

scrump′tious·ly adv.
scrump′tious·ness n.
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Adv.1.scrumptiously - so as to produce a delightful taste; "I bought some more of these deliciously sweet peaches"
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Well, the telecast's resident couple chose the salmon adventure-so, off viewers went with them on a really lovely train ride, followed by a road trip, then by a boat ride to the glacier's vantage point, where the yummy feast was scrumptiously savored-yum!
I opted for a milder version, and it came at just the right amount of spicy, with scrumptiously comforting creamy sauce, shrimps that were perfectly seasoned and cooked and a perfect bite to the vegetables swimming in the sauce.
So, rather than go for that overly short, scrumptiously buttery finish typical of a Viennese, I thought I'd change things up a bit.
A favourite of mine is this scrumptiously soft Silver Brown Faux Fur Throw draped over the end of the bed, as it is absolutely perfect for a chilly night as summer fades away.
Everyone knows how good hammour is, but the scrumptiously fried calamari served with spicy chilli tomato sauce is quite another thing here -- definitely worth a try.
Keep hands and nails in tip-top condition with the scrumptiously scented All That Jazz Chocolate Orange Hand & Foot Scrub, Cream and Cuticle Oil, (allthatjazzuk.
The handy appliance comes with three interchangeable steel blades and is easy to use and allows you to make dishes like courgetti (courgette spaghetti) and zoodles (zucchini noodles) that you can cook scrumptiously nutritious meals with.
The crunchy exterior of the leg piece scrumptiously complemented the smooth clouds of mashed potatoes, with a sea of steamy brown gravy (the Editor's wife Kathryn buys extra portions to keep a supply in the freezer, no less
The Finn scrumptiously pulled down Josh Magennis' deep cross and twisted inside in the one move before slotting home.
Lorin gladly accepted the invitation, not only because he had many memories from Berlin, a place he hadn't visited in over ten years, but also because he knew that, with Stefan, he was going to party scrumptiously in Berlin's clubs, which were so dear to him.
Pizza Hut has launched its scrumptiously good, 'Hot Dog Crown Crust Pizza', recently.
Once done the aubergine will be scrumptiously soft and infused with the curry paste, but they should keep their shape.