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Greatly pleasing to the taste; delectable. See Synonyms at delicious.

[Perhaps alteration of sumptuous.]

scrump′tious·ly adv.
scrump′tious·ness n.
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Adv.1.scrumptiously - so as to produce a delightful taste; "I bought some more of these deliciously sweet peaches"
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Non meat-eating customers will also have the choice of Rutter's new Chipotle Black Bean Veggie Burger along-side freshly prepared veggies and the scrumptiously prepared grilled cheese "buns.
The crunchy exterior of the leg piece scrumptiously complemented the smooth clouds of mashed potatoes, with a sea of steamy brown gravy (the Editor's wife Kathryn buys extra portions to keep a supply in the freezer, no less
The Finn scrumptiously pulled down Josh Magennis' deep cross and twisted inside in the one move before slotting home.
Here are six scrumptiously easy recipes to get your teeth into.
This British-designed and manufactured product is made of scrumptiously cosy Merino lambswool, and its multi-spot design with matching fringe is perfect either for the living room or to brighten up a bed.
Once done the aubergine will be scrumptiously soft and infused with the curry paste, but they should keep their shape.
THE greatest pleasure of provincial newspapers is their ability to probe small-time but scrumptiously revealing dishonesties and misdeeds.
Your recipe will turn out scrumptiously if enveloped in nothing more than an oiled brown paper bag or heavy brown paper.
The inside of the diaper, which lies against baby's skin, is a scrumptiously soft microchamois which is 100% hypo-allergenic and no-pill.
Poor Katie, we only have to look at her journey from week one's Doctor Who-type android performing We Are The Champions, through the scrumptiously likeable Marilyn Monroe singing from Jungle Book, to last week's Gaga, to understand why she's been having anxiety attacks and sleepless nights all week.
Both remained of the excellent standard we had become accustomed to during the evening and were served with a scrumptiously light vanilla ice cream.
Festival bunting and cottage gardens 'grow' on scrumptiously soft organic cotton in this range.