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also scrunch·y  (skrŭn′chē)
n. pl. scrunch·ies
An elasticized fabric ring used chiefly by women and girls to gather or fasten the hair.

[After the company that made such rings.]


(ˈskrʌntʃɪ) or


n, pl -chies
(Clothing & Fashion) a loop of elastic covered loosely with fabric, used to hold the hair in a ponytail, etc


n (for hair) → Zopfkranz m, → Zopfband nt
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Gillespie ("Lars and the Real Girl," "Their Finest Hours") fills his movie with tasteless interiors and period scrunchies, and scores it with a blaring rock n roll soundtrack.
Everything she wore-minis with fishnet stockings or leggings, outsize ear rings, scrunchies, fingerless gloves, crucifix jewelry-was copied.
And how will we look when we're all sitting in our flares and kaftans, our curly mullets pulled back with scrunchies, listening to Michael Bolton's greatest hits, playing with our clackers, while sipping a beverage that tastes great and costs PS1.
com/4078646/hillary-clinton-scrunchies/) perhaps a hair scrunchie.
ZUMBA This is just "jazzercise" without the hair scrunchies.
8220;The Life of a Hair Scrunchie” will feature a collection of short stories from the eyes of two hair scrunchies named Abigail and Madison.
From the shellsuits as featured on our website and in the paper earlier, to scrunchies, platforms and chokers.
The little girl section is also clearing its necklaces, bows, clips, bangles, hair pins, scrunchies, purses and trendy-coloured faux hair clips all for around BD1.
DOWN SCRUNCHIES THE Nineties hair accessory is making a comeback.
UP ON THE SCRUNCHIES THE Nineties hair accessory is making a comeback.
ON THE UP SCRUNCHIES THE Nineties hair accessory is making a comeback.