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also scrunch·y  (skrŭn′chē)
n. pl. scrunch·ies
An elasticized fabric ring used chiefly by women and girls to gather or fasten the hair.

[After the company that made such rings.]


(ˈskrʌntʃɪ) or


n, pl -chies
(Clothing & Fashion) a loop of elastic covered loosely with fabric, used to hold the hair in a ponytail, etc


n (for hair) → Zopfkranz m, → Zopfband nt
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The members of my"Full House" Club assembled for important business like practicing Baby Michelle's latest catchphrase and debating whether DJ Tanner's scrunchies were boss.
ZUMBA This is just "jazzercise" without the hair scrunchies.
90sHomecoming is a semi-formal affair that prompts guests to dig out their scrunchies, slap bracelets and Fila sneakers for an evening of dancing, celebration and fun.
8220;The Life of a Hair Scrunchie” will feature a collection of short stories from the eyes of two hair scrunchies named Abigail and Madison.
From the shellsuits as featured on our website and in the paper earlier, to scrunchies, platforms and chokers.
The little girl section is also clearing its necklaces, bows, clips, bangles, hair pins, scrunchies, purses and trendy-coloured faux hair clips all for around BD1.
DOWN SCRUNCHIES THE Nineties hair accessory is making a comeback.
UP ON THE SCRUNCHIES THE Nineties hair accessory is making a comeback.
ON THE UP SCRUNCHIES THE Nineties hair accessory is making a comeback.
We're talking Doctor Who at 50, Cressida's scrunchies, and new brows
One thing I never expected to see was hair scrunchies as worn by my childhood idols the spice girls.
The list also includes a school bag and two scrunchies for girls, along with books -- all to be paid by May 26, failing which a child will not be considered for academic year 2013-14, reads the notification.