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also scrunch·y  (skrŭn′chē)
n. pl. scrunch·ies
An elasticized fabric ring used chiefly by women and girls to gather or fasten the hair.

[After the company that made such rings.]


or scrunch•ie

(ˈskrʌn tʃi)
n., pl. scrunch•ies.
a round elastic band covered with gathered fabric, used to fasten the hair.
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FLATSCRUNCHY_black_F Scrunchy consists of knee high boot sparkles and shines in eye-catching pyrite nocturn and silver noir; finished with a geometric block heel and an effortless, gathered shaft.
I have in my bag my wallet, Kleenex tissue paper, wipes, small bottle of alcohol, small hairbrush, scrunchy, sign pens, envelopes for receipts, one-month menu cycle, paper, eyeglasses.
It's exciting to think about the range of possible uses of culturally diverse literature in early childhood and primary classrooms and I experience a sense of excitement and anticipation every time I open a new picture book and hear the rustling, scrunchy sound of pages turning.
When Emma Symonds gets her four-year-old twin boys ready for school, she puts Alfie in trousers and Logan in a pinafore dress, with a pretty scrunchy in his hair.
Then we took a screen shot of a scrunchy material, exploded it and what you get is this kind of intricate pattern, with consistency and proportions.
Extend your blowout by pulling hair into a loose bun at night and securing with a scrunchy (no creases
Her toe nails are thick with red nail polish and her black and gray hair is back in a scrunchy.
A forty-year-old woman who's stuffed her black and broken processed hair into a pink scrunchy tries to negotiate more room for her carriage, and somewhere in the car a man has found enough room to play the violin.
It's Suralan's trusty sidekick Nick Hewer finding out about his family history, and he does that disapproving scrunchy face thing a lot less than on The Apprentice.
Scrunchy/butterfly clips: Keep hair out of the sun's way when stepping out with a scrunchy or butterfly clip.
The fighter on the left is not a young Frenchman, but an Iranian girl, her dark hair pulled back with a pink scrunchy, her left wrist bound by a bright green wristwatch.
Now anyone in the established certified aircraft industry will say, well, we could have done this, but buyers would never go for such a scrunchy little cabin.