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also scrunch·y  (skrŭn′chē)
n. pl. scrunch·ies
An elasticized fabric ring used chiefly by women and girls to gather or fasten the hair.

[After the company that made such rings.]


or scrunch•ie

(ˈskrʌn tʃi)
n., pl. scrunch•ies.
a round elastic band covered with gathered fabric, used to fasten the hair.
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He comes complete with a scrunchy faux suede mane and tail, and adjustable stirrups.
It's much better a day after opening, when, with a flash-fried steak and scrunchy fried onions, the wine's peppery bite said "hey, look at me, I'm a nice weekday glass of something".
Then we took a screen shot of a scrunchy material, exploded it and what you get is this kind of intricate pattern, with consistency and proportions.
Extend your blowout by pulling hair into a loose bun at night and securing with a scrunchy (no creases
Best yet, Petco has introduced a line of Halloween apparel for guinea pigs and other small animals such as witch hats and Halloween-themed scrunchy bandanas.
It's Suralan's trusty sidekick Nick Hewer finding out about his family history, and he does that disapproving scrunchy face thing a lot less than on The Apprentice.
Scrunchy/butterfly clips: Keep hair out of the sun's way when stepping out with a scrunchy or butterfly clip.
In the programme, Katy and a group of kids make healthy recipes such as rockpool pies, gold-digger buns and scrunchy munchy fishcakes.
The fighter on the left is not a young Frenchman, but an Iranian girl, her dark hair pulled back with a pink scrunchy, her left wrist bound by a bright green wristwatch.
AS women pull on some greying knickers, tie their hair in a scrunchy and take their cherub to school, life can seem overwhelming.
She comes over, all blonde hair poking out from her scrunchy.
But the secret to getting this look right is not to pull it all back in a scrunchy and hope for the best.