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1. Conscientious and exact; painstaking. See Synonyms at meticulous.
2. Having scruples; principled.

[Middle English, from Old French scrupuleux, from Latin scrūpulōsus, from scrūpulus, scruple; see scruple.]

scru′pu·los′i·ty (-lŏs′ĭ-tē), scru′pu·lous·ness (-ləs-nĭs) n.
scru′pu·lous·ly adv.


the state or quality of having scruples
References in classic literature ?
He saw the humor of these researches, but that did not prevent him from carrying them out with the utmost scrupulosity.
His experience was of that pitiable kind which shrinks from pity, and fears most of all that it should be known: it was that proud narrow sensitiveness which has not mass enough to spare for transformation into sympathy, and quivers thread-like in small currents of self-preoccupation or at best of an egoistic scrupulosity.
Why should an auctioneer and appraiser thirty years ago, who had as good as forgotten his free-school Latin, be expected to manifest a delicate scrupulosity which is not always exhibited by gentlemen of the learned professions, even in our present advanced stage of morality?
He learned to wash himself with the Levitical scrupulosity of the native-born, who in his heart considers the Englishman rather dirty.
It's he who is tormenting himself with his infinite scrupulosity.
Scrupulosity in Islam: A comparison of highly religious Turkish and Canadian samples.
Their scrupulosity and concern for accuracy manifest themselves throughout the book, yet they never slip into equivocations that treat all claims as the same.
What I do know is the depth of your heart, and that you are inclined, as a matter of fact, to push scrupulosity too far, and that at no price would you wish to offend Jesus.
But still, at graduate school one of my professors defined scrupulosity as the "Catholic disease.
Additionally, research on religion has found among certain denominations of Christianity a high frequency of a subtype of obsessive-compulsive disorder called scrupulosity, which is manifested through religious themes and characterized by a "tendency of religious people to be overly cautious about pleasing God and to need assurance that they have not sinned" (p.
Many puzzles remain, he said, "and the scientist and the theologian can make common cause in the search for understanding, pursued with openness, scrupulosity, and humility, conscious of the great ocean of truth lying undiscovered before us.