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Capable of being understood through study and observation; comprehensible.

[Late Latin scrūtābilis, searchable, from Latin scrūtārī, to search; see scrutiny.]


rare open to or able to be understood by scrutiny
[C17: from Latin scrūtārī to inspect closely; see scrutiny]
ˌscrutaˈbility n


(ˈskru tə bəl)

[1590–1600; < Latin scrūt(ārī)]


- Describing that which can be understood through scrutiny.
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When such statesmen can also write--as could Lincoln or Churchill, in spades--political art and understanding come together in a scrutable manner.
But a scrutability thesis must also assume a base of facts from which other facts are scrutable.
As the structuralists point out, a basic feature of interpretation is precisely recuperation: a culturally determined operation of making legible and scrutable the otherness of the literary text (see Culler 1975: 134-37: Freund 1987: 82).
In an absorbing finish, Ghazali trained Al Muthan nosed out Scrutable to win the Thoroughbred Stakes.
The true child is publically scrutable, the poem--about our school, our dreams, our youth--is powerfully communal.
When I was in Scrutable and when I was in Explicative things there were very puzzling.
The biggest winner of the day was Scrutable, owned by Fahad Ahmed Khalil Ali, trained by Yahya Falah and ridden by Gerald Avranche as it landed the GPCORO Challenge Cup for imported horses which carried a cash prize of BD5,000.
Scrutable, owned by Fahad Ahmed Khalil Ali, trained by Yahya Falah and to be ridden by Gerald Avranche, it tipped to win the Al Methaq Cup for imported horses which carries a cash prize of BD2,000 and to be run over 1,600 metres, starting at 4.
This unruly instance confounds, and thus unfolds as a series of barely scrutable conundrums.
What distinguishes Minimalism here is that the very critique of Minimal form that reduces it to a cliche signifier of mere objecthood is itself an example of this compulsion to seek determinate significance--as if the inscrutability of the object could be dispelled by noting dismissively that the object is inscrutable and pretending that this makes it scrutable.
But in rendering them scrutable, we mark the ease with which we can read Jim Crow's mind.