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Noun1.scrutiniser - a careful examiner; someone who inspects with great care
examiner, inspector - an investigator who observes carefully; "the examiner searched for clues"
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Not as a constituency representative but as a scrutiniser of the Commons.
Inviting quotations in sealed cover for engaging a Scrutiniser to scrutinize the E - Voting process for the 64 th Annual General Meeting of ITI Ltd to be held during September 2014 at Bangalore.
Its roles as representative of the people - the principal stakeholders in elections - and scrutiniser of government, allow for oversight that is integral to state structures, setting it apart from other scrutinising agents such as observer groups.
Of these the first is the brooding gaze: the eye is the wide gateway of the soul, the scrutiniser of its secrets, conveying its most private thoughts, and giving expression to its deepest-hid feelings.
An avid scrutiniser of weather charts, he will be aware that temperatures are due to dip to -4C in parts of Britain by midweek, and the long-range forecast suggests we are in for more of the same later this month.
Mr Bourne said: "During her time in the Assembly Alison worked tirelessly for her constituents and earned a reputation as a keen scrutiniser of government policy as a member of the audit committee.
In his five years at the SGF, Landsburgh counts bringing the Scottish co-operatives into the federations fold as one of his major achievements and takes pride in his role as scrutiniser of the Scottish Executive.