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tr.v. scru·ti·nized, scru·ti·niz·ing, scru·ti·niz·es
To examine or observe with great care; inspect critically.

scru′ti·niz′er n.
scru′ti·niz′ing·ly adv.
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Noun1.scrutinizer - a careful examiner; someone who inspects with great care
examiner, inspector - an investigator who observes carefully; "the examiner searched for clues"
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I prefer, however, to pinpoint the poet more as a scrutinizer of his own time than of the future, because, like it or not, by insisting too much on what will come we lose at some level our immediate perspective, and we run the risk of not being understood by all the people who find themselves immersed in everyday life.
We discovered this by correlating the DNS records with the NetFlow data using the Scrutinizer Incident Response System.
Endace has partnered with Plixer to provide integration between Plixer's Scrutinizer, flow-based analysis solutions, and EndaceProbe network recorders to improve the ability for SecOps and NetOps teams to investigate network security and performance issues, the company said.
Israel's increasingly capitalist ethos" have augmented in later decades what she calls the "incessant scrutiny" that "transforms the scrutinized body into an object to be gazed at rather than a subject with the power to gaze--a perception that comes to be shared by the scrutinizer and the scrutinized alike.
Christian Miller, The Scrutinizer Finds Himself Under Scrutiny, L.
Open source network and systems management software provider Zenoss Inc and network management products and network performance management provider Plixer International Inc announced on Wednesday free integration of Plixer's Scrutinizer NetFlow and sFlow Analyzer products with the Zenoss Core open source monitoring project.
Frank Zappa was in his pronouncement of what could be the future of America, a place where his outrageously predicted fascist theocracy, not to mention the Central Scrutinizer itself, have become all too real.
These devices sent NetFlow data to a server running Plixer's Scrutinizer software for analysis and reporting.
Rounding out the symposium is a piece by media lawyer Bruce Johnson, a well-respected scrutinizer of how the old laws governing the print media are being applied to online writing.
20) The titles given these papers by Dickens are not just thinly veiled references to the emergence of real New York newspapers, such as The Evening Tatler, the Scrutinizer, The Subterranean, The Telescope, or The True Flash, which, like their fictionalized counterparts, were dedicated to the sensational exposure of private life in the city.
In this process, if done lovingly and well, the scrutinizer takes on attributes of the "scrutinee.