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intr.v. scried (skrīd), scry·ing, scries (skrīz)
To see or predict the future by means of a crystal ball.

[Short for descry.]


Divination by gazing into a reflective surface. There are many different forms, including crystallomancy, catoptromancy, and hydromancy.
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She'll be packing up by now, all her palm readings and aura readings and scrying done for the day.
He seems to have remained so, as he was still occupied with researches in scrying twenty years later" (46).
The chapters include lessons and writings on healing, meditation, psychic awareness, clairvoyance, psychometry, scrying, psychic and spiritual philosophy, colors, auras and their energies, sitting in circle, and much more.
I pursue my interest in UFOs and aliens, develop my skills with the scrying mirror, and use my intuitions as the main guide of my life.
After the discussion, she will be doing galley readings through photo scrying (seeing spirits in photographs) and psychometry (divination of facts concerning an object or its owner through contact with the object).
I fall further scrying can't help myself she says: .
But then, it is always easy for the scrying prophet to predict the past.
Mountain customs such as divination by scrying and the use of herbal medicines are mixed in without the information seeming intrusive or didactic.
Maybe this is what scrying is: moving outside, alongside, between.
Mrs Craig said: "She is so emotional and just keep scrying all the time.