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n. pl. scul·pins or sculpin
1. Any of various marine and freshwater fishes chiefly of the family Cottidae, having a large flattened head with spines, few or no scales, and often fanlike pectoral fins.
2. A scorpionfish (Scorpaena guttata) of California coastal waters.

[Origin unknown.]


n, pl -pin or -pins
(Animals) US and Canadian any of various fishes of the family Cottidae (bullheads and sea scorpions). Also spelled: skulpin
[C17: of unknown origin]


(ˈskʌl pɪn)

n., pl. (esp. collectively) -pin, (esp. for kinds or species) -pins.
1. any fish of the mostly marine family Cottidae, having a large head with spines on each side.
2. (in California) a common scorpionfish, Scorpaena guttata.
[1665–75; orig. uncertain]
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Noun1.sculpin - any of numerous spiny large-headed usually scaleless scorpaenoid fishes with broad mouthssculpin - any of numerous spiny large-headed usually scaleless scorpaenoid fishes with broad mouths
scorpaenoid, scorpaenoid fish - fishes having the head armored with bony plates
bullhead - freshwater sculpin with a large flattened bony-plated head with hornlike spines
miller's-thumb - small freshwater sculpin of Europe and North America
Hemitripterus americanus, sea raven - large sculpin of western Atlantic; inflates itself when caught
grubby, Myxocephalus aenaeus - small sculpin of the coast of New England
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Lawrence Estuary, as well as, three fish species Spotted Gar, Eastern Sand Darter (Ontario populations); Rocky Mountain Sculpin (Eastslope populations) and one mollusc species, Northern Abalone.
98) Ballast Point Unfiltered Sculpin IPA (San Diego).
Such activation is also observed in the nest-building marine sculpin Hemilepidotus gilberti in the presence of OF, resulting in an increased period of sperm motility of up to 90 min, six times longer than in SW alone [34].
Prey identified to the species level that occurred in >10% of scats included Pacific Herring, Pacific Staghorn Sculpin (Leptocottus armatus), Pacific Tomcod (Microgadus proximus), North Pacific Hake, Californian Anchovy (Engraulis mordax), Eulachon (T.
No question in my mind it resembles a goby or sculpin.
Coastrange sculpin (Cottus aleuticus) were found in eight lakes and three streams (6% of sites sampled) and ninespine stickleback (Pungitius pungitius) were found only in the Near Islands in seven lakes from Attu and one lake from Alaid.
Three of the species without significant responses at this site--fourhorn sculpin (Myoxocephalus quadricornis), rainbow smelt (Osmerus mordax), and Arctic flounder (Pleuronectes glacialis)-are nearshore marine species that are less tolerant of low salinities than the other species assessed in BACI analyses, all of which were anadromous or amphidromous.
A new technique has been applied to the ear bone of Arctic Grayling and Slimy Sculpin which measures heavy metal concentrations in fish.
4-6) Scorpionfish, such as the California scorpionfish or sculpin, are also docile and well-camouflaged, and cause envenomation injuries when caught in nets, hooked by commercial and recreational fishermen, or speared by divers.
True crab showed weak associations with reference areas overall, whereas sculpin and flatfish correlated highly and were more often associated with reference areas.
In Illinois, the Mottled Sculpin occurs along the shoreline of Lake Michigan, as well as in springs, spring-fed seeps, and clear, swift creeks in the northeastern portion of the state (Smith 1979).
Specimens of Prickly Sculpin have been observed in a diversion and associated groundwater infiltration basins of the Santa Margarita River near Lake O'Neill on Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton every year from 2008 to 2012 (Michael Rouse, Manna Warburton, personal communication).