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Suggestive of or having the qualities of sculpture.

sculp′tur·esque′ly adv.


resembling sculpture
ˌsculpturˈesquely adv
ˌsculpturˈesqueness n


(ˌskʌlp tʃəˈrɛsk)

suggesting sculpture.
sculp`tur•esque′ly, adv.
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Adj.1.sculpturesque - resembling sculpturesculpturesque - resembling sculpture; "her finely modeled features"; "rendered with...vivid sculptural effect"; "the sculpturesque beauty of the athletes' bodies"
shapely - having a well-proportioned and pleasing shape; "a slim waist and shapely legs"
References in classic literature ?
The Classical style has well been called sculpturesque, the Romantic picturesque.
Particularly sculpturesque and plastic, so to say, and richly colored is that passage where you feel Cordelia's approach, where woman, das ewig Weibliche, enters into conflict with fate.
The group will present the full range of dances in the traditional order of an Arangetram, showcasing the grace and sculpturesque movements of the ancient dance form.
Bharatanatyam, the traditional dance-form from Tamil Nadu known for its grace, purity, tenderness, and sculpturesque poses will also be seen.
McClellan moved into lighting design, after designing some sculpturesque pieces that incorporated LED.