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n. pl. scu·tel·la (-tĕl′ə)
1. Zoology A shield-shaped sclerite on the mesothorax of certain insects, posterior to the scutum.
2. Botany Any of several shield-shaped structures, such as the cotyledon of a grass.

[New Latin scūtellum, from Latin, diminutive of scūtum, shield; see scutum.]

scu·tel′lar (-tĕl′ər) adj.
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As might be expected, there is widespread concern about the educational outcomes for young Australians from low socio-economic backgrounds (Boese & Scutella, 2006).
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Designed by Giuseppe Maurizio Scutella, the LED lamp array has two dimmers that allow for adjustment of direct and indirect light.
Education is well established as one domain of social inclusion and its corollary social exclusion (Headey, 2006; Headey & Warren, 2007; Scutella, Wilkins and Kostenko, 2009; Eurostat 2009; ASIB 2010; Scutella & Wilkins, 2010).
Tais fatores sao a demanda, o servico ao cliente, as caracteristicas dos produtos e os custos logisticos, sobretudo os de transporte e armazenagem (AMBROSINO; SCUTELLA, 2005; BALLOU, 2006; BOWERSOX; CLOSS; COOPER, 2006; FIGUEIREDO; FLEURY; WANKE, 2003; WANKE, 2001; FIGUEIREDO et al.
The reason behind this totipotency is the presence of parenchymatous tissues with thin cell walls and densely packed cytoplasm, full of nutritive compounds in scutella of mature seeds, because scutellar tissue is meant for the absorption of nutrients from endosperm (Campbell et al.
uk Inspired spiral ADD a modern twist with this stylish spiral, the Artemide Pirce pendant light created by artist Giuseppe Maurizio Scutella, from pounds 658, from Utility.
Based on field and greenhouse experiments scutella were observed to disperse following precipitation events.
It can be summarized that a reproducible system was established for plant regeneration via somatic embryogenesis from immature scutella isolated from immature embryos of barley cv.
Diagnosis: A species of Hippichthys with 13 trunk rings, total rings usually 48; dorsal fin origin always on first tail ring; scutella not keeled; pectoral fin rays modally14, trunk depth about 1.