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n. pl. scu·tel·la (-tĕl′ə)
1. Zoology A shield-shaped sclerite on the mesothorax of certain insects, posterior to the scutum.
2. Botany Any of several shield-shaped structures, such as the cotyledon of a grass.

[New Latin scūtellum, from Latin, diminutive of scūtum, shield; see scutum.]

scu·tel′lar (-tĕl′ər) adj.
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uk Inspired spiral ADD a modern twist with this stylish spiral, the Artemide Pirce pendant light created by artist Giuseppe Maurizio Scutella, from pounds 658, from Utility.
Based on field and greenhouse experiments scutella were observed to disperse following precipitation events.
Diagnosis: A species of Hippichthys with 13 trunk rings, total rings usually 48; dorsal fin origin always on first tail ring; scutella not keeled; pectoral fin rays modally14, trunk depth about 1.
14) According to this interpretation the sign is supposed to represent a "plate," which was indeed its old interpretation, resulting in its more recently being given the Latin name SCUTELLA.
Dr Rosanna Scutella is the Ronald Henderson Senior Research Fellow, a position jointly funded by the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research at the University of Melbourne and the Brotherhood of St Laurence.
Two New Zealand studies have investigated the impact of the Working for Families Programme on work effort (Kalb and Scutella 2003 and Kalb, Cai et al.
Macrofossils such as Scutella, Clypeaster, Echinolampas, Amphiope, and Maretia represent warm waters.
Numerous studies of women's involvement in the paid workforce demonstrate a strong negative link between the presence of children and both participation and working hours (see, for example, Chapman, Dunlop, Gray, Lui, & Mitchell, 2001; and Scutella, 2000/2001).
The developmental profiles of Sod 4 and Sod 4A mRNA accumulation differ in scutella during sporophytic development.
11) An advantage of the use of HILDA data is that the dynamics of exclusion can be examined (see Horn, Scutella & Wilkins 2011; Scutella, Wilkins & Kostenko 2013), shedding important light on the factors associated with entries and exits into, and durations of, spells of exclusion.
Scutella and Wooden 2005) while a statistically significant positive relationship between age and life satisfaction was observed for males.
Examples of such conflicts using tax microsimulation models are given by Decoster and Ooge (2002) and Creedy and Scutella (2004).