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n. pl. scy·phis·to·mae (-mē) or scy·phis·to·mas
A larva of a scyphozoan, consisting of a very small sessile polyp that successively splits off free-swimming medusas.

[New Latin : Greek skuphos, cup + Greek stoma, mouth.]


n, pl -mae (-ˌmiː) or -mas
(Zoology) a sessile hydra-like individual representing the polyp stage of scyphozoans. It produces forms which become free-swimming jellyfish
[C19: from Greek skuphos cup + stoma]
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Selectivity in phagocytosis and persistence of symbiotic algae by the scyphistoma stage of the jellyfish Cassiopeia xamachana.
6% of the total osmotically active substances in the scyphistoma and could not account for its osmotic balance.