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Any of various marine cnidarians of the class Scyphozoa, which includes most of the jellyfishes, characterized by the absence of a polyp stage or by a polyp that is extremely small.

[From New Latin Scyphozōa, class name : Greek skuphos, cup + New Latin -zōa, pl. of -zōon, -zoon.]

scy′pho·zo′an adj.


(Animals) any marine medusoid coelenterate of the class Scyphozoa; a jellyfish
(Animals) of, relating to, or belonging to the Scyphozoa
[C19: via New Latin from Greek skuphos bowl + zōion animal]


(ˌsaɪ fəˈzoʊ ən)

1. any cnidarian of the class Scyphozoa, comprising the true marine jellyfishes.
2. belonging or pertaining to the scyphozoans.
[1910–15; < New Latin Scyphozo(a)]
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Noun1.scyphozoan - any of various usually free-swimming marine coelenterates having a gelatinous medusoid stage as the dominant phase of its life cycle
cnidarian, coelenterate - radially symmetrical animals having saclike bodies with only one opening and tentacles with stinging structures; they occur in polyp and medusa forms
class Scyphozoa, Scyphozoa - coelenterates in which the polyp stage is absent or at least inconspicuous: jellyfishes
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Caption: Scyphozoan Cyanea capillata, lion's mane jellyfish
Scyphozoan jellyfish are conspicuous because of their relatively large size and ability to form dense blooms at seasonal intervals (Brusca & Brusca 2003).
A drifter--agile, scyphozoan --/a blob of streaks and patterns,/its light in the last hour.
Originally interpreted as fossils of scyphozoan medusae, these structures could represent one of only a half-dozen mass strandings documented from the fossil record.