sea coal

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Noun1.sea coal - pulverized bituminous coal; used as a foundry facing
bituminous coal, soft coal - rich in tarry hydrocarbons; burns readily with a smoky yellow flame
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I recall having to take my sledge down to Botty's Coal Depot on West Street to collect a bag of sea coal which, with the shortage of mined coal, was just as good warming the house up.
The upgrading industry environment is creating challenges for end-user markets such as automotive manufacturing that consumes sea coal in the foundry process.
In the winter Shaun gathered sea coal from Marske beach with his father and later wrote the poem The Sea Coaler, which celebrates this North-east tradition.
Daltransugol, the largest sea coal terminal in the Far East transshipping in the Asia-Pacific region, shipped a total of 18.
Ancient Britons could pick up lumps of sea coal on northern beaches, and during the years of Roman rule it was used to heat water for the public baths.
It would've opened onto the street, selling goods such as wool cloth, sea coal, vinegar, pots and spices - all traded through the port.
and finds its mouth where pebbles, sea coal, sticks
Also contributing will be musician and composer Will Lang whose arrangements of Sea Coal and Farewell to the Monty will feature among the choral works.
NORTH SEA COAL TEESSIDE could become "mini Aberdeen" says a Scottish firm eyeing up - and 1,000 jobs is just the start.
The foundry is committed to green sand in a mix containing western bentonite, new sand, sea coal and water blended to have high green and dry strengths.