sea wall

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also sea wall  (sē′wôl′)
An embankment to prevent erosion of a shoreline.

sea wall

1. a wall or embankment built to prevent encroachment or erosion by the sea or to serve as a breakwater
ˈsea-ˌwalled adj

sea′ wall`

a strong wall or embankment to prevent the encroachments of the sea.
[before 1000]

sea wall

ndiga marittima
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Weather conditions caused fallen trees and damage to properties, while the public were warned to stay away from New Brighton promenade as waves crashed against the sea wall.
At the lagoon's sea wall (which is six miles long) and, at places, more than 52 feet high from the seabed), the tidal range would approach 27 feet for a mean spring tide, but a neap range of only 13 feet would ensue.
Tenders are invited for the works involve repair/replacement of existing sea wall defence structures, including rock armour, at four separate locations on the clare coast for clare county council.
The North Sea battered the East Anglian island's sea wall during the December 2013 storm, flooding lagoons and pathways and ripping a hide off its foundations.
Its replacement - a grass bank and a sea wall - may not be hugely exciting, but the sea wall is needed and the grass bank will be more pleasant to look at than the faded concrete and metal of the prom.
A Bobcat T40180 has been enlisted to support repairs at Jersey's sea wall.
The rubble was placed there in 1985 by then owner of the Captain's Wife public house, Mr Stan Jenkins, as part of a scheme to strengthen the sea wall.
As part of the proposal, Sea Gate seeks to repair and rebuild its bulkhead and sea wall which suffered severe damage from Superstorm Sandy in October 2012.
The reclamation project will create an underwater sea wall, which will be formed using custom-designed sand filled geo textile tubes, eco-engineered to replicate natural environments for local marine life to inhabit.
PARTS of the sea wall at Whitley Bay will undergo essential repairs later this year.
The NR team had to repair track, the sea wall and parts of Dawlish station after the severe storms in February.
Although we live quite near we had been discouraged from visiting after reading so many letters of complaint about the "vertical pier" and the new sea wall.