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sea floor

also sea·floor (sē′flôr′)
The bottom of a sea or ocean.


(Physical Geography) the ground under the sea; the sea bed


(ˈsiˌflɔr, -ˌfloʊr)

the solid surface underlying a sea or ocean. Also called seabed.
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The seafloor is one of the biggest habitats on the planet.
Selections from a series of image maps of the EEZ seafloor collected by the USGS using a sonar mapping system depict some of the notable features -- including massive underwater landslides, seamounts, fracture zones and channels -- of the new seafloor territory.
As the overlying water weight lessens, part of the seafloor below is lifting--by up to 4.
Then it would commence grinding copper-rich rock on the seafloor into a slurry, vacuuming it up, and pumping it to a ship on the surface.
The geographical information used to design the Earth Land and Seafloor globes was derived from the ETOPO2 database that includes elevation data from the GLOBE Project, an internationally designed, developed, and independently peer-reviewed digital elevation model.
Canada-based Nautilus minerals has been granted the first mining lease for polymetallic seafloor massive sulfide deposits in the territorial waters of Papua New Guinea, where it intends to produce copper, gold and silver.
Many make their homes in the tens of meters of mud just beneath the seafloor.
A research team led by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) has uncovered evidence of explosive volcanic eruptions on the Arctic Ocean seafloor almost 2.
the seafloor off Sumatra's northwest coast suddenly buckled, generating a massive earthquake--the largest in 40 years.