seafood Newburg

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Noun1.seafood Newburg - seafood in Newburg sauce served on toast or rice
dish - a particular item of prepared food; "she prepared a special dish for dinner"
lobster a la Newburg, lobster Newburg - lobster in Newburg sauce served on buttered toast or rice
shrimp Newburg - shrimp in Newburg sauce usually served in a rice ring
Newburg sauce - lobster butter and cream and egg yolks seasoned with onions and sherry or Madeira
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95 per person, The Silo offers an all-you-can-eat spectacular, starting with Bloody Marys and champagne, then moving on to unlimited portions of eggs, bagels and lox, blintzes, seafood Newburg, corned beef hash, and a chef-carved meat station with roast beef, turkey and ham.
The buffet will feature a bevy of Southern culinary classics including turkey, ham and roast beef carving stations, as well as a variety of Dean's Seafood creative dishes - garlic dill mashed potatoes, roasted tomato mac and cheese, shrimp and grits, steamed mussels, seafood Newburg, biscuits and much more.
with a buffet featuring chicken piccata, seafood Newburg, a roast beef carving station, a dessert buffet, coffee and tea.