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Noun1.sealing material - any substance used to seal joints or fill cracks in a porous surface
material, stuff - the tangible substance that goes into the makeup of a physical object; "coal is a hard black material"; "wheat is the stuff they use to make bread"
sealant, sealer - a kind of sealing material that is used to form a hard coating on a porous surface (as a coat of paint or varnish used to size a surface)
filler - used for filling cracks or holes in a surface
lute, luting - a substance for packing a joint or coating a porous surface to make it impervious to gas or liquid
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The consistently lower sulfur and heavy metals of this sealing material will positively impact the long-term sealing and continued integrity of graphite material, thus improving customer operations.
This company is said to have succeeded in mirroring these characteristics to its seals without changing the sealing material or coating the seal.
Another example, the corrugated gasket, stamped from wave-shape steel with non-metallic sealing material on either side, is almost perfect: strong, flexible, un-crushable and non-damaging to flange surfaces.
The Seals Group made the preemptive decision to invest in the Rulon[R] E2 emission control project (the new sealing material becomes part of their fluoropolymer product line) due to Euro 6 coming into force starting September 2014 for the approval of passenger vehicles and from January 2015 for the registration and sale of new cars.
In examining the pipe, the consultant found that leadite was used as a sealing material in the pipe.
The new manufacturing process included two multi-cavity bespoke two-shot direct gate hot runner moulds (to make the connector cover and insert in a single mould process), management of 750 and 850 Glow wire materials with a strong bond to a second shot sealing material, plus a fast and efficient multicomponent 350 tonne injection moulding machine.
Toppan Printing has adopted special EPDM rubber used for windscreen wipers for the exterior, sealing material.
Lead researcher Sam'an Malik Masudi, DDS, MS, said that NanoSeal Plus is the first sealing material created with active nanoparticles; it also uses material with a structure that is close to the tooth structure.
EPDM was established as an excellent sealing material for aseptic technology but some formulations are less suited to 'intensive' CIP additives.
A sealing material works as an efficient mechanical barrier to plaque retention, which brings to the minimum dangerous action of the cariogenic microorganisms on the tooth enamel [Ripa, 1993].
1987: 260) presented a rough composition of sealing material from adjacent Thailand, which showed earthen material only in miniscule amounts, the rest being "wood dust, piece of wood, (and) food debris", about one-third each.
Because of the convolutions of the metal, the sealing material is trapped on all sides by metal.