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1. The pelt or fur, especially the underfur, of a seal.
2. A garment made of sealskin.


1. (Textiles)
a. the skin or pelt of a fur seal, esp when dressed with the outer hair removed and the underfur dyed dark brown
b. (as modifier): a sealskin coat.
2. (Clothing & Fashion) a garment made of this skin



1. the skin or fur of the fur seal.
2. a garment or article made of sealskin.
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Noun1.sealskin - the pelt or fur (especially the underfur) of a seal; "a coat of seal"
fur, pelt - the dressed hairy coat of a mammal
2.sealskin - a garment (as a jacket or coat or robe) made of sealskin
garment - an article of clothing; "garments of the finest silk"
جِلْد الفُقْمَه
tulenia koža
ayıbalığı/fok derisi


[ˈsiːlskɪn] Npiel f de foca


[ˈsiːlskɪn] npeau f de phoque


[ˈsiːlˌskɪn] npelle f di foca


(siːl) noun
any of several types of sea animal, some furry, living partly on land.
ˈsealskin noun, adjective
(of) the fur of the furry type of seal. sealskin boots; made of sealskin.
References in classic literature ?
A little fearfully now, Pollyanna felt her way to these bags, selected a nice fat soft one (it contained Miss Polly's sealskin coat) for a bed; and a thinner one to be doubled up for a pillow, and still another (which was so thin it seemed almost empty) for a covering.
In winter she wore a sealskin coat and cap, and she and Mr.
I asked gaily, and she would be certain to reply, 'I'm thinking we'd better take it to the bank and get the money,' for she always felt surer of money than of cheques; so to the bank we went ('Two tens, and the rest in gold'), and thence straightway (by cab) to the place where you buy sealskin coats for middling old ladies.
When wild geese honk high of nights, and when women without sealskin coats grow kind to their husbands, and when Soapy moves uneasily on his bench in the park, you may know that winter is near at hand.
The amazing strength, the skill in the use of the harpoon, the rum and water, the sealskin tobacco-pouch with the coarse tobacco--all these pointed to a seaman, and one who had been a whaler.
Would it be wise now to make my transformation complete, by adding to the apron a velveteen jacket and a sealskin cap?
He pulled his sealskin cap over his, as the coach drove away, and, sinking back, he thought to himself how she respected him and how he deserved it, and how Rawdon was a foolish dull fellow who didn't half-appreciate his wife; and how mum and stupid his own wife was compared to that brilliant little Becky.
An' I'n changed one o' the suvreigns to buy my mother a goose for dinner, an' I'n bought a blue plush wescoat, an' a sealskin cap,--for if I meant to be a packman, I'd do it respectable.
Kadlu grinned back till his eyes were almost buried in the fat of his flat cheeks, and nodded to Amoraq, while the puppy's fierce mother whined to see her baby wriggling far out of reach in the little sealskin pouch hung above the warmth of the blubber-lamp.
The dogs in the passage snored and whined in their sleep, the boy-baby in Amoraq's deep fur hood kicked and choked and gurgled, and the mother of the newly-named puppy lay at Kotuko's side, her eyes fixed on the bundle of sealskin, warm and safe above the broad yellow flame of the lamp.
As she stood there, in her long sealskin coat, her hands thrust in a small round muff, her veil drawn down like a transparent mask to the tip of her nose, and the bunch of violets he had brought her stirring with her quickly-taken breath, it seemed incredible that this pure harmony of line and colour should ever suffer the stupid law of change.
He was buttoned up to the chin in a brown coat; and had a large sealskin travelling- cap, and a greatcoat and cloak, lying on the seat beside him.