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1. A landmark visible from the sea, used as a guide in navigation.
2. A buoy or channel marker.
3. A transient natural feature, such as a clump of floating vegetation or a flock of birds in flight, that gives a rough indication of the proximity or direction of land, used as a navigational guide in some traditional seafaring cultures.


(Nautical Terms) nautical an aid to navigation, such as a conspicuous object on a shore used as a guide



a conspicuous object on land, visible from the sea, serving to guide or warn mariners, as a beacon.
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These are the official seamarks for the patch of trust- worthy bottom represented on the Admiralty charts by an irregular oval of dots enclosing several fig- ures six, with a tiny anchor engraved among them, and the legend "mud and shells" over all.
Later the British Admiralty christened the seamarks for listing in European exploration bodies.
Some of the first members were PC S Salmon (drums), PC J Hinchcliff (bass), Sgt C Mason (solo Cornet), PC C Donnelly (horn), PC G Young (Horn), Sgt L Seamarks (euphonium) and myself (bass).
The blind participants explored both the map in relief (tactile map) and the virtual environment rendering of the same maritime geographic configuration with seamarks (landmarks on the ocean).
Heat continued to dominate, despite a run of 19 points from Cardinals, but Heat were in command as Jason Swaine began to control the tempo of the game, and Swaine 23, Karl Seamarks 21, Perez y Medina 17, John Huggettt 15, Tshiminkinda 6, Woodward 5, Brook 3, Treen 2 and Mahammed scored vital points in victory.
Dave Pitson fired Mold in front midway through the first half with Wes Bretton, Danny Seamarks and John Lurz completing their surprise tally.
BRAVE burns victim Hugh Seamarks was back at school yesterday - after winning his desperate fight for life.
His parents - 55-year-old Peter Seamarks and wife Donna, aged 56 - escaped with minor injuries after jumping from an upstairs window of the house on Rhydymwyn Road, Gwernaffield, near Mold, North Wales.
The Seamarks, from Burton on Trent, Staffs, did not even worry when, just eight days before departure, tour operator Sovereign told them their four-star Hotel Suite Princess, was overbooked.
His travels as ambassador to the Far East (1916 - 21) and his studies of geology and early pagan mythology perhaps account somewhat for his work 's exotic flavor and colorful settings, such as the Asiatic lands in Anabase (1924; translated as 1930) and the imaginary Oriental kingdom by the sea in Amers (1957; translated as Seamarks, 1958).
MOLD Alexandra manager Danny Seamarks hopes to have five players back for this afternoon's clash with Bethesda Athletic, including central defender Steve Hughes who has played only once so far this season.
Karl Seamarks and former England international Jason Swaine soon got Heat off the mark and they went into a 28-21 lead in the first quarter.