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An earthquake originating under the sea floor.


(Geological Science) obsolete an agitation and disturbance of the sea caused by an earthquake at the sea bed. It is now usually described as an earthquake



an agitation of the sea caused by a submarine eruption or earthquake.
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Noun1.seaquake - an earthquake at the sea bed
earthquake, quake, seism, temblor - shaking and vibration at the surface of the earth resulting from underground movement along a fault plane of from volcanic activity
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76-79) However, a simplified one-dimensional dynamic analysis of linear elastic solid-liquid interaction (between the semi-infinitely long seabed and a layer of seawater of finite thickness) as well as nonlinear vertical shock wave propagation has suggested two possible seaquake generation mechanisms: (a) quick resonance of the solid-liquid system in a higher frequency range (at some 6.
The adventures get under way as a powerful artificial seaquake strands a research team in an undersea lab, and the crew of the Thunderbirds must determine who caused it.
When the collision is under a seabed that is relatively far from a land mass, it creates a seaquake or tsunami, which nonetheless can affect the nearest land mass.
Experts believe they may have been affected by a seaquake off the Norwegian coast on August 30 or the operations of a ship carrying out seismic tests off Aberdeen.