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An earthquake originating under the sea floor.


(Geological Science) obsolete an agitation and disturbance of the sea caused by an earthquake at the sea bed. It is now usually described as an earthquake



an agitation of the sea caused by a submarine eruption or earthquake.
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Noun1.seaquake - an earthquake at the sea bed
earthquake, quake, seism, temblor - shaking and vibration at the surface of the earth resulting from underground movement along a fault plane of from volcanic activity
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Considerable damage has been caused and many have been made victims because of seaquakes, tsunamis, fires and conflagration resulting from an earthquake; these produce a severe impact on a country or region's economic activity and social life [4].
She listed several elements known to cause such mortalities, including hypoxia, algal blooms, volcanism, earth- or seaquakes, vertical currents, severe storms, changes in temperature, and sudden changes in salinity.
Working with colleague Prof Adrian Constantin, Prof Johnson has now produced a mathematical formula which helps understand how seaquakes result in tsunami waves.