seaside resort

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If you're marooned at a Cornish seaside resort out of the season with a man, you can't spend your time dodging him.
All I knew of the country was that it was a place to go to for vacations, and I always went to springs and mountain and seaside resorts.
The dead are thought to be pilgrims and tourists on a trip to the Holy Shrine of Fatima and the seaside resort of Nazare.
First it was named the UK's best seaside resort but now it is global recognition for Whitby.
Aberystwyth is the best seaside resort in Wales according to a survey.
It focuses on the professional and personal lives of the Rev Christine Musser as she takes over a post in Boscastle,a seaside resort in Cornwall.
Cannes is a perfect subject for Jaglom's ultra-cheap ``guerrilla'' filmmaking, and he goes miles beyond any cheesy ``Access Hollywood'' feature in transporting a moviegoer into the midst of all the partying and deal-making that goes on each May in this chi-chi Mediterranean seaside resort.
Garage mechanic Kevin and pregnant girlfriend Alison decide to marry after Kevin, played by Michael Le Vell, went in search of his love at a seaside resort after a lonely Christmas.
The Company's Seaside Resort near Galveston was evacuated, and the sales operations were suspended at the Piney Shores Resort, northeast of Houston.
Summary: A man has been charged with murder after a body was found in a property at a seaside resort.
A survey of 1,000 families found that 62% would rather go to a traditional seaside resort complete with donkey rides, than a chic Riviera-style alternative.
SOUTHPORT has seen the biggest house price boom of any north west seaside resort.