A person sitting next to another on a conveyance such as an airplane: "His seatmate was a gray-haired woman with glasses" (Anne Tyler).


US the person who is sitting in the next seat



a person who occupies an adjoining seat.
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His seatmate at the University of the East, Wilson Young, fondly remembers Greg as a low-key but bright student.
My seatmate, upon discovering that it would be my first time in Colombia, took it upon himself to furnish information about his country.
It reminded me of Pampanga's bringhe, while my VIP seatmate Mielle Esteban of Arum Estrategies de Internacionalizacion (the company that brought Madrid Fusion to Manila) thought of paella.
Therefore, having Villavicencio as seatmate at the Ablaza dinner was a most regaling time.
The nominee is my seatmate in the Arroyo Cabinet, which was when I saw how good a doctor he is.
According to the onlookers, the "Changeling" star chatted with her seatmate Chris Hemsworth.
In other recent cases, a Pomona College student was detained over his Arabic-language flash cards, and an Italian-born professor of economics was questioned, and his flight was delayed, after his seatmate reported that he was doing complex calculations on a piece of paper.
The crescendo reached a high during this time as one can literally not hear a seatmate during the course of the Ginebra rally and when the lead see-sawed between the two teams.
His seatmate, Jamaal Abdul Meriweather, wants to be the next Spike Lee and is heading to Axum, where he hopes to film a documentary about the Covenant.
An African girl in a purple hijab turns to her seatmate, who is sporting a Mongolian loovuz.
In a variety of styles (around-ear and in-ear) and colors (white, black, blue/green, and more), they make everything, from music to video to your seatmate, sound better.
Finally, I worked up the courage to ask one seatmate what he was doing.