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or sea trout  (sē′trout′)
a. See weakfish.
b. Any of several fishes of the same genus (Cynoscion) as the weakfish.
2. Any of several trouts or similar fishes that live in the sea but migrate to fresh water to spawn.
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Some of the biggest speckled seatrout of the year will be caught and released during the next three months.
Last week saw the Warden beats produce 22 salmon and eight seatrout.
IN MERSEY | PetroAtlantic, a tanker carrying crude oils; Arklow Raider, a cargo vessel coming from Portugal; Seatrout, a tanker coming from the Netherlands; Oraholm, a tanker coming from the Netherlands; Nordic Nadja, a tanker coming from Belgium; and Chemical Provider, a tanker carrying phosphoric acid, coming from Israel.
Seagrass beds in Choctawhatchee Bay support diverse populations of fish and invertebrates, including many recreational and commercial species such as shrimp, eastern oysters, spotted seatrout, gulf menhaden, red drum, blue crab, gulf flounder and mullet.
For instance, Silver Seatrout (Cynoscion nothus), a GOM species, has the lowest reported maximum age (1.
Among the species thus "ignored," Oceana cites seatrout, dab, brill, turbot and flounder.
The spotted seatrout (Cynoscion nebulosus Cuvier) is the most popular recreational marine finfish in Texas (1) and is common throughout the Gulf of Mexico (hereafter Gulf).
Mullet, Flounder, Spotted seatrout, American eel, and Gar were used in this study.
It's home to The Hebridean Smokehouse, which produces some of the finest smoked salmon and seatrout in the land, nay, the world, according to top chef Prue Leith.
Divide the leeks between six hot plates, top each with a seatrout fillet, pour the sauce round and serve.
By the early 1970's state researchers were making considerable advances in the culture of such marine fishes as red and black drum, Atlantic croaker, flounder, and spotted seatrout, and reported a major breakthrough in hatching 150,000 spotted seatrout at Olmito Hatchery in Brownsville in 1973.
Fishermen throughout the 10,000 Islands region know that once the holidays are over, fantastic spotted seatrout opportunities await.