seckel pear

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Seck·el pear

 (sĕk′əl, sĭk′-)
A variety of pear having small, sweet, reddish-brown fruit.

[Perhaps from Seckle, the name of a Pennsylvania farmer.]
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Noun1.Seckel pear - small yellowish- to reddish-brown pearseckel pear - small yellowish- to reddish-brown pear
pear - sweet juicy gritty-textured fruit available in many varieties
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The menu will include dishes such as Mixed Greens with Roasted Walnuts, Seckel Pear, Gorgonzola Cheese and Truffle Vinaigrette; Sauteed Scottish Salmon with Roasted Shallot Compote, Haricots Verts and Crispy Yukon Potatoes; and Chocolate-Espresso Molten Fondant Cake with Coffee Ice Cream and Cocoa Mousse.
For the main event, about an hour and a half into the experience, I selected the maiale, a slow-roasted heritage pork rib marinated with fennel pollen and lemon zest topped with Seckel pear halves ($25).
On my half acre in the High Desert of California, I grow a Babcock and Elberta peach, one Seckel pear, a "Gold Mine" Nectarine, a "Blenheim" apricot, two cherry and one apple tree.
Finally, we decided to split the Maiale (slow-roasted Heritage breed pork rib marinated with fennel pollen and lemon zest, topped with a Seckel pear mostarda ($24) and the Brasato di Cervo (venison stew with cipollini onions and butternut squash, $23).
Live Christmas piano music will be played as guests enjoy exceptional cuisine with items such as Maine Lobster Bisque, Maryland Crab Meat Salad with Arugula, Pomegranate Sorbet, Roasted Game Hen with Cranberry Wild Rice, Cinnamon Poached Seckel Pear and Maple Glazed Butternut Squash, CrA[umlaut]me Brule and more.