second best

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second best

One that is next to the best.
Next to the best.

sec′ond-best′ adj.

sec′ond best′

a person or thing that is next after the best.
sec′ond-best′, adj.
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Noun1.second best - the competitor who finishes second
challenger, competitor, contender, rival, competition - the contestant you hope to defeat; "he had respect for his rivals"; "he wanted to know what the competition was doing"
References in classic literature ?
And when Anne, dressed in her second best, as primly opened it, both little girls shook hands as gravely as if they had never met before.
Now if you think you can baste two rows of white tape round the bottom of your pink skirt and keep it straight by the checks, I'll stitch them on for you and trim the waist and sleeves with pointed tape-trimming, so the dress'll be real pretty for second best.
F-y K-g:--It is better not to wear your second best hat to church, but if your mother says you must it is not for me to question her decision.
His calicoes were the finest, or, in other words, the most showy, of any that were brought into the country, and it was impossible to look at the prices asked for his goods by” so pretty a spoken man,” Through these conjoint means, the affairs of Monsieur Le Quoi were again in a prosperous condition, and he was looked up to by the settlers as the second best man on the
There was a short scrimmage in which the brutes came off second best, as they always did.
The varsity is ranked second best in general category.
Also winning individual awards were Petron's Mika Reyes as First Middle Spiker, Majoy Baron of F2 as Second Best Middle Spiker, Jaja Santiago of Foton as Best Opposite Spiker, Kim Kiana Dy of F2 as Second Best Opposite, Dawn Macandili of F2 as Best Libero, and Japanese Yuri Fukuda of Petron as Second Best Libero.
UAE karting sensation, Rashid Al Daheri, known as 'Little Alonso' claimed two top 10s in the Italian Championship at the Circuito di Siena near Florence last weekend, winning the second best rookie title in each race.
Two years back, we were 173 and now we have reached our second best FIFA Ranking ever.
GER EGAN says being known as the second best team in Leinster isn't good enough for Westmeath.
ROCKLIFFE Hall has been named the best hotel in the North-east and the second best golf resort in the UK.