second growth

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second growth

Trees that cover an area after the removal of the original stand, as by cutting or fire.

second growth


secondary growth

(Botany) natural regrowth of a forest after fire, cutting, or some other disturbance

sec′ond growth′

the plant growth that follows the destruction of virgin forest.
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Noun1.second growth - a second growth of trees covering an area where the original stand was destroyed by fire or cuttingsecond growth - a second growth of trees covering an area where the original stand was destroyed by fire or cutting
forest, woods, wood - the trees and other plants in a large densely wooded area
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The woods on either side were primeval, which are more easily penetrated than woods of the second growth, and we had no great difficulty in carrying our canoes through them.
Possibly, he was in a state of second growth and recovery, and was constantly assimilating nutriment for his spirit and intellect from sights, sounds, and events which passed as a perfect void to persons more practised with the world.
At harvest, the above growth performance of each individual (also named harvesting weight, harvesting length, harvesting width, harvesting depth) were recorded again to analyze the second growth phase lasting 17 months, which corresponds to the period between tagging and harvesting.
scars, cuts, bruises, second growth shall no more than minimally affect yield and consumption quality.
This material was believed to be representative of typical production of these species and was classified as old growth or second growth according to information obtained from the suppliers.
of Corvallis spearheaded the most intensive timber cruises ever conducted on the Tongass, focusing on 55-year-old second growth stands to meet timber targets of the Forest Service.
The transaction also enable us to add a second growth platform to our organization with its industry-leading, high-margin thermoset composites business.
We went conservative on the appraisal because we weren't sure how people would value the second growth," says Stan McCoy, the supervisory forester for the Thorne Bay and Craig timber zones.
The second Growth Fund investment will help provide the working capital required to manage the firm's expansion, enabling it to recruit the right calibre of personnel, especially on the business development and recruitment side of its operations.
11 December 2013 -- New York-based investment firm Level Equity Management LLC said that it closed its second growth equity fund Level Equity Growth Partners II LP with commitments of USD 255m.
The government of Burundi which has organized the conference will present its second Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (CSLP II) as the way forward for the country's development.
Faced with fierce competition from another giant 7-11, Niinami believed that convenience store business is entering its second growth period by targeting female and senior consumers.