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Of inferior or mediocre quality or value.

sec′ond-rate′ness n.
sec′ond-rat′er n.
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Noun1.second-rater - a person of second-rate ability or value; "a team of aging second-raters"; "shone among the mediocrities who surrounded him"
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
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The greatest portrait painters have painted both, man and the intention of his soul; Rembrandt and El Greco; it's only the second-raters who've only painted man.
Newly released letters from the BBC archives have revealed that Enid Blyton was banned for 30 years by the corporation, which regarded her as a second-rater whose work lacked literary value.
Listen to Meade on the subject of a fascinating, complex, second-rater like Mallet Stevens, listen to Fox on the subject of Latino supermarkets in East Houston, think again about the significance of Smithers coming from Melbourne (not Sydney, you see).
IT'S now necessary for the next appointment at Aston Villa to be the right type of person - not another second-rater who's cheap or has failed with other clubs in the past.
But the boy from Stoke has let us down with this one: Definitely a second-rater, and no amount of macho prancing around showing his chest hair will make it any better.
This second-rater demanding more respect for MPs is akin to Wayne Rooney complaining about f***ing swearing.
So did Ray Parlour's transition from boozy second-rater into Cup Final match winner.
WONDER CATCH: Graham Thorpe removes Salim Elahi; SEAMAN: Second-rater
She has a good turn of foot but has been beating second-raters and the Europeans she faces today are a lot better than anything she has raced against.
He says: "We have improved out of recognition since your manager Willie Ormond dismissed us as second-raters when he saw us play in Egypt.
But they aren't seeking to return a champion to compete against second-raters, which makes the Champion Chase very much the aim for a back-in-training Sprinter Sacre.
We have no grand ideas or ambitious visions, but instead second-raters squabbling over a centre-ground that has failed the nation time and time again because it fails to confront the big issues.