second-story man

sec·ond-sto·ry man

n. Informal
A burglar adept at entering through upstairs windows.

sec′ond-sto′ry man`

a burglar who enters through an upstairs window.
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A few would have been right at eye level for a second-story man.
Frank (Frank Langella) is a former second-story man no longer capable of keeping his own house in order.
Other bits include an archery club's appearance on a hipper-than-thou jazz program, a local second-story man who visits his neighbors in an effort to ``put a human face on burglary'' and discusses the robbery services for which they can sign up and a father-son fishing expedition that doesn't go as Pop expected.
A safe breaker, a second-story man, a bad check artist, or a con man have talent - negative as it may be.
There's a witness to the killing - a second-story man who has broken into the home where the crime is committed.