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Any of a group of diseases or conditions characterized by the formation and deposition of amyloid in various organs and tissues of the body.


(Pathology) pathol the deposition of amyloid in various tissues of the body, as occurs in certain chronic infections
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Noun1.amyloidosis - a disorder characterized by deposit of amyloid in organs or tissues; often secondary to chronic rheumatoid arthritis or tuberculosis or multiple myeloma
illness, sickness, unwellness, malady - impairment of normal physiological function affecting part or all of an organism


n. amiloidosis, acumulación de amiloide en los tejidos.


n amiloidosis f
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None of the patients had ocular damage, severe muscular atrophy, growth failure, pubertal delay and secondary amyloidosis.
When colitis appears in RA patients, a differential diagnosis should be made between drug-induced colitis, ischemic colitis due to vasculitis associated with RA, and secondary amyloidosis.
Systemic amyloidosis is generally classified in two main forms according to the biochemical structure of the amyloid fibrils; primary amyloidosis (AL-amyloidosis) and secondary amyloidosis (AA-amyloidosis).
The SSc patient with gastrointestinal involvement suggests to receive esophagogastroduodenoscopy, and a biopsy may be helpful to these patients to examine the possibility of secondary amyloidosis.
The use of historical names such as primary and secondary amyloidosis is now discouraged and should be avoided.
Monoclonal light chains deposits are seen in primary amyloidosis (AL amyloidosis), while less common secondary amyloidosis has been associated with renal cell carcinoma, Hodgkin lymphoma, and chronic lymphocytic leukemia [7, 9, 12].
1] Tuberculosis (TB) as a cause of secondary amyloidosis has been found in 50%-92.
12) Secondary amyloidosis cases connected to this disease were reported as part of the inflammatory progress in CD etiopathogenesis.
A case of secondary amyloidosis presenting as massive gastrointestinal bleeding.
The diagnosis is made after looking for evidence of systemic amyloidosis and systemic diseases associated with secondary amyloidosis.