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1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of a particular district.
2. Composed of or divided into component sections.
A piece of furniture, especially a sofa, made up of sections that can be used separately or together.

sec′tion·al·ly adv.
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Notice again how Descartes' discovery that truth should be investigated sectionally is here made to build up, stone upon stone, an unshakable fortress of truth.
Party maintenance could isolate South Carolina and avert a violent showdown; deference to partisan allies might also contribute to the long-term strategy of advancing the Jacksonian Democrats' program and thwarting sectionally divisive forces building elsewhere in the polity.
Ground down to softness by four hundred years of friction, the original stairs of the Querini Stampalia in Venice are sectionally clad in new marble slabs that appear to have been simply laid over and against the worn-out treads and rises.
Let us imagine strategy services in form of sectionally continuous functions from time with the point of account at the moment of building completion and putting into operation.
We have been removing branches from the trees that are to be felled and we'll use a crane as we sectionally fell the large stems.
Our finding that depression was associated cross sectionally with both MCI and dementia and longitudinally only with dementia suggests that depression develops with the transition from normal cognition to dementia," the researcher added.
However, because these data were collected cross sectionally, it was not possible to clearly examine the causal and temporal relationship between the development of the psychiatric symptomatology and the onset of alcohol use disorders, raising questions regarding the directionality of these relationships.
Regressions are run cross sectionally and cross serially.
Separate equations are estimated for the full sample of 45 countries, the leaders, potential leaders and dynamic adopters of technology, using the cross sectionally hetroskedastic and timewise autoregressive procedure.
The holes are made by a combination of secretion of acidic solution from the accessory boring organ (ABO), to soften the shell, and scraping the radula sectionally in quadrants of a circle passing from left to right to remove the loosened material (Ziegelmeier 1954, Carriker & Van Zandt 1967).
Right now the ethanol industry is sectionally based because this is where the corn is grown.