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tr.v. sec·u·lar·ized, sec·u·lar·iz·ing, sec·u·lar·iz·es
1. To transfer from ecclesiastical or religious to civil or lay use or ownership: "The ... government ... had secularized the charitable institutions of the Church" (David I. Kertzer).
2. To draw away from religious orientation; make worldly: a society that has become secularized.
3. To lift the monastic restrictions from (a member of the clergy).

sec′u·lar·i·za′tion (-lər-ĭ-zā′shən) n.


(ˈsɛkjʊləˌraɪzd) or


no longer under religious control or influence


[ˈsɛkjʊləraɪzd] secularised (British) adjsécularisé(e)
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It is not a translation of the original play; rather, it retells the Shakespearean tragedy as the struggles of a renowned rabbi with his children, who represent disparate types of Jewry, from Hasidic to secularized.
The first part of the book explores how Lezama Lima and Ernesto Che Guevara relied on Christian patterns to become secularized.
In today's Turkey, the state apparatus is trying to de-secularize a society that has been very partially secularized by former state policies.
Statecraft and salvation; Wilsonian liberal internationalism as secularized eschatology.
The Unintended Reformation: How a Religious Revolution Secularized Society.
The other is Western-promoted secularized Islam, such as what is now present in Turkey.
He urged Catholics to confront the spiritual "desert" of today's secularized world and to rediscover "the truth and beauty of the faith.
In Chapter Five, "Secularizing the Covenant," Fagenblat recalls that his book is making the following argument: that what Levinas calls 'ethics is best understood not as a secularized philosophy of religion in general but as a secularized moral theology of Judaism in particular" (p.
Next, it repositions the gothic, largely via Charles Taylor's theories of the development of modern subjectivity, as a necessary working-through of "old ways" of being and thinking involving belief in the transcendent, toward the evolution of a modern, secularized self.
The building was a mosque from 29 May 1453 until 1934, when it was secularized.
Froese writes: 'The idea of God is currently a fundamental aspect of human culture and shows no signs of fading, even in some of the most secularized regions of the globe.
The Infernova" is a take on the classic Dante's Inferno with a more secularized spin, in which Mark Twain guides the narrator through the layers of this new sort of hell.