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Persevering and constant in effort or application; assiduous. See Synonyms at diligent.

[From Latin sēdulus, from sēdulō, zealously : , without; see s(w)e- in Indo-European roots + dolō, ablative of dolus, trickery (probably from Greek dolos, cunning; see del- in Indo-European roots).]

sed′u·lous·ly adv.
sed′u·lous·ness, se·du′li·ty (sĭ-do͞o′lĭ-tē, -dyo͞o′-) n.
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Noun1.sedulousness - the quality of being constantly diligent and attentive
industriousness, diligence, industry - persevering determination to perform a task; "his diligence won him quick promotions"; "frugality and industry are still regarded as virtues"


Steady attention and effort, as to one's occupation:
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In addition, the general culture praised industriousness and sedulousness, and children's work implemented and imprinted these central values.
Somewhere in the Robert Louis Stevenson canon he talks about "playing the sedulous ape," sedulousness being that form of general abuse to which writers assiduously aspire.