seep away

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w>seep away

vi (water)versickern; (strength)schwinden
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There was almost no water and the little there was would seep away in the soil.
Approximately 5 billion years from now, when it begins to run out of fuel and casts off its outer layers of gas, the sun will briefly be surrounded by a colorful envelope of gas that will eventually seep away into the vast void of the cosmos.
Watching more than PS1 billion of your spending power seep away must be frustrating.
Small, rubber flappers can save hundreds of gallons of water that seep away under the radar.
Sitting staring at the majesty of nature, feeling insignificant in the world, my concerns would gradually seep away into the rocks and ice.
Department stores are also seeing sales seep away to the Internet, official data last week showed, while a pick up in the housing market has meant that many Britons are spending what money they have on their homes, and not on what they wear.
But once in our little encampment we felt the tension seep away and were amazed at just how quiet and peaceful it was.
However, the next few days and weeks will be vital if the club are to build on the foundations already in place and regain the momentum that Mancini allowed to seep away.
You have to keep yourself hydrated and can't be running about daft because your energy will just seep away.
And the risk of surface water flooding is on the rise because people are increasingly paving over their gardens, giving rain nowhere to seep away, with the area covered by hard surfaces almost doubling to around half of garden space.
And ministers could force them to find ways of collecting the kind of rainfall we had last month instead of letting it seep away into the soil.