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A woman who acts as a prophet or clairvoyant.


(ˈsɪər ɪs)

a woman who prophesies future events.


nSeherin f
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Vanga Dimitrova, who was known as the 'blind seeress of Bulgaria,' found missing persons, helped solve crimes, diagnosed disease and read the past or the future.
Snorri goes on to quote the words of the Seeress in the Voluspa (Seeress's Prophecy) in the Poetic Edda: "Jormungand writhes / in giant rage; / the serpent churns up waves" (Prose Edda 89; cf.
Arthur's excisions included both the original romantic tale "Mariana," and his sister's lengthy discourse on the Seeress of Prevorst--two episodes that, taken together, account for about a quarter of Fuller's original text.
She learns that she's being groomed to be a Seeress and may never leave the convent.
Thus she avers that she knew all along and confirms her husband's characterization of her as a seeress.
Kerner published a book on these experiences in 1829, a compilation of observations and experiments, entitled The seeress of Prevorst.
The prophecy was revealed in a vision to Frederica Hauffe of Prevorst, Wurttemberg (1801-1829, referred to by Radical Pietists as "the Seeress of Prevorst"); news of Christ's return to earth was to be received on that date.
42) The poem about Odin's conversation with the dead seeress in the underworld was first made famous by Thomas Gray as 'The Descent of Odin'.
Meanwhile, Marc (Don Wood)--who frequents the same 66 Club patronized by Wendy, her acerbic sister, Holly (Christina Campanella), and their seeress sidekick, Serena (Turquoise Taylor Grant)--is already damned and dangling from the horns of an infernal dilemma: Gay and terrified by the prospect, he allows himself to be picked up by men at the 66 (where'd the other "6" go?
The Gods of Canaan" is a work of biblical fiction focusing on the consort of Yahweh, Asherah, and her chosen seeress, Rebe'kah.