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1. Capable of being segregated: segregable items in a budget.
2. Genetics Able to undergo segregation: segregable characters.
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While predecisional documents may be withheld, agencies are under a statutory obligation to disclose "any reasonably segregable portion of a record"; assertions of fact, corrections of technique, and similar elements possible--and believed to be elements of--OIRA's communications to agencies are not policy advice (though they may form the foundation for it), and so would not fall within the "predecisional" exemption.
section] 552(b) (2012) ("Any reasonably segregable portion of a record shall be provided to any person requesting such record after deletion of the portions which are exempt under this subsection.
The government argues that (1) the OLC opinion is predecisional and deliberative; (2) the opinion does not constitute "working law" for the FBI; (3) the FBI has not expressly adopted the opinion; (4) the district court was correct to conclude that no portion of the OLC opinion was segregable and did not abuse its discretion in declining to review the opinion in camera; and (5) the district court's opinion was correct in its conclusion that portions of the OLC opinion were properly classified under Exemption 1 (U.
The court viewed the payment to the ESOP and the cash distribution to the terminating employee as "two segregable transactions,' not ineluctably linked,' and 'entirely separate' (General Mills, Inc.
It in effect concedes that there are reasonably segregable, non-exempt portions of the records that are legally required to be disclosed," he was quoted, as saying.